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They called us Benders, I preferred the term extraordinary. I suppose the world feels better when it can classify things and put us in neat, tiny boxes. We were far more than a word or classification. But it made it easy for people to find us, to segergate us and watch us. I wasn’t like all the rest; there was something different about me, a path I was to follow, great plans people saw for what I would become and do one day, until, he (Aden) broke my heart and I ceased to exist.

I’m Ember. You can’t see me or hear me, but I can see and hear you. I can read your thoughts, know your intentions, motives and emotions. To the world I no longer exist and I need your help. If you’re reading this then somehow we’ve made contact. I need you to help me exist again so that I can save the one I love and the world.